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RĪGAS RĒVIJA is an official distributor of the world-known companies producing balloons and accessories as well as carnival and other holiday attributes.
Hi-FloatWe are official distributor of Hi-Float products in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

QualatexWe are official distributor of Qualatex products in Latvia and Estonia.

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Your festive company
Qualatex Network RĪGAS RĒVIJA Ltd. was founded in 1993. The main spheres of activity are holiday servicing and advertising:

•  decoration of interiors, facades and open spaces with balloon compositions;

•  decoration of festive premises – decoration of halls with balloons, fabrics, flowers, different decorative elements;

•  decoration of premises for jubilee celebrations, weddings, corporative parties, presentations and other festive events or advertising actions;

•  marking of balloons with logotypes, symbols, slogans and other elements;

•  production of different figures, sign boards and decorations made of expanded polystyrene, Oracal and other materials;

•  rent of air figures (Sky Man, Sky Tube), person’s height dolls, decorations;

•  retail and wholesale sales of balloons and attendant accessories; carnival and other holiday attributes;

•  advice and training; balloon decorating classes.

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You can buy balloons of different shapes, sizes and colours, holiday accessories, souvenirs and joke things; you can order inscriptions on balloons as well as buy and hire things for carnival: costumes, masks, wigs, different accessories, confetti guns, soap bubble generators, helium balloon gas cylinders and different other things in the shops BALONU PASAULE

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